• Does it really work with any movie?

    Most movies we've tried seem to work well, but some do not. We currently approve movies that can be used with Movie Mouth. The list grows nearly every week and is updated within the tool.
  • What are the system requirements?

    Minimum Requirements: Processor: Intel Dual Core / AMD Turion 64 X2; Internet connection of 100Kb/s; 2GB of RAM Memory; Windows 7 or newer; Screen Resolution of 1024x768. Recomended Requirements: Processor: Intel Core i3 / AMD A4 5050; Internet Connection of 1Mb/s; 4GB of RAM Memory; Windows 7 or newer; Screen Resolution of 1280x720; DVD Reader.
  • What about Mac OS, tablets, or phones?

    Not supported yet. Other devices and operating systems are scheduled to be available sometime after support for streaming is finished. Currently only Windows (Vista and later)
  • How do I sign up for Movie Mouth?

    Currently Movie Mouth is available only with our partner schools.
  • What about other languages besides English?

    While we want to teach languages other than English, we are currently focused on supporting our English version of the software.
  • Do we get upgrades and new versions for free?

    Yes, all upgrades are automatically downloaded free of charge when the program starts.
  • Will it work with my projector?

    Movie Mouth works with any projector that meets the minimal resolution of 1024x768.
  • Do I need headphones?

    No, although they are recommended to give you the best experience with Movie Mouth.
  • Is there voice recognition?

    Yes. We provide Voice recognition and speaking exercises to work on pronuntiation of fluency.
  • Is the software compatible with VMs?

    It should be. We haven't found any problem in our tests, so long as the VM is running a compatible operating system.
  • What types of exercises do you have?

    We have a variety of exercises to test your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
  • What types of reports are available?

    We provide a wide range of progress and usage reports.
  • What type of curriculum do you have?

    Our solution has a curriculum based on the Common European Framework. If desired, schools can create their own curriculum.
  • Can I use my own curriculum?

    Yes. You can customize our curriculum to fit the needs of your own school, using pre-defined topics.
  • Can I create my own topics?

    Not yet, but we gladly receive your suggestions.
  • What about swear words?

    Those are not included in our curriculum, but can come up when you are searching for other topics if they are present in the movie. We recommend that you use movies that are proper for your audience.
  • How can I know what the list of movies is that it will work on?

    The list of movies is available from the "Approved Movies" link in the top-right corner inside the Movie Mouth application.
  • What about special edition of movies?

    It depends. Some special edition movies have extra scenes and so would constitute a different movie. There may be problems using a special edition.
  • What about pirated DVDs?

    We discourage the use of pirated movies. Movie Mouth should only be used with legitimate copies of movies.
  • What about streaming?

    In case you don't want to use your favorite DVDs, we offer a range of online movies through streaming.
  • What about files such as .avi or mp3?

    We currently support only DVD media files and online movies through streaming.
  • What about dvd images?

    A mounted DVD image works the same as a physical DVD if its an exact copy. Our terms of use require that you have legal rights to use the movies you open in the system.
  • What if I have a movie that I like that is not on the list?

    We are constantly adding more movies to our database. If you have a request, we'd love to hear about it. Make your request by contacting Movie Mouth from the help menu.
  • What do you have for children?

    We have included movies of all kinds in our approved movie library, many of which are appropriate for children.
  • What about if the subtitles do not match what the audio is saying?

    That can happens sometimes. We have a team working on improving the accuracy of the subtitles. If you see a problem, please report it by contacting Movie Mouth through the help menu.
  • I sometimes get a "Macrovision" error - what does that mean?

    It may be caused by screen resolution issues. Please contact Customer Service.
  • Who do I contact if I have problems?

    We're sorry you're having problems! Please select "Contact Movie Mouth" in the help menu, and we're happy to help.
  • What type of support is provided?

    We provide support both remotely (Skype, Phone, e-mail) and through in-person training sessions when necessary. Our support team is available from 9:00am to 6:00pm Sao Paulo time.