We supplement classroom instruction and provide easy access to examples of dialogue within popular movies and TV shows.

Simplify lesson planning with our customizable courses that adapt to your needs.

Our interactive learning exercises help students practice essential language skills and keep track of their progress.

My Movie!
Your students learn English with their favorite movies and series.
Movie Fun!
Homework exercises change the entire concept of teaching: your students learn much more, while having fun.
Movie Flex!
Your students choose the time and place to practice and perfect their English: 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK.
Movie System
Fast memorization with leading technology in a gamefied environment.
Movie Progress!
Exclusive real-time report to see your student's progress on SPEAKING, LISTENING, READING AND WRITING.
Speak Like a Star!
After a few months, your students will say expressions and words just like their favorite actors: FAST and ACCURATE.
“I always used to work with movies, sitcoms and music during my classes, because I believe that is the way which the students can have a real experience, relating our purpose with our class (situations, feelings and happenings) . So, Movie Mouth is something that I always waited for, making it easier, agile and dynamic, being able to explore knowledge in a more interactive and meaningful way.”
­Roger – People Eloy
“The software helps me even with the tests, I can apply as a test for the students.”
­ Larissa Lança – People Eloy
“The best thing is that I can find many examples in whole students’ levels”
­ Larissa Lança – People Eloy
“I used with my students during my class today, I even could fit the subject into the content of the movie, they loved it, they made up competition to see who hits more exercises. The sofware isn’t complicated and help them to practice, a new a phase of discovery to them. "
­Mirella Rodrigues ­ StartPro Pq. São Lucas
“The activity went well and everybody liked it. The students asked if they could bring their own movies and if it was possible to use at home.”
­ Henrique Oliveira ­ Start Pro Tucuruvi
“I have reviewed the test they had using the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. The student copied frases from the movie so we could do a contest game (scavenger hunt).“
­Henrique Oliveira ­ Start Pro Tucuruvi
“I used it on my class and the students just loved it. They liked to see what they learn in the everyday situations. Some of them even asked where they could download it.”
­Aline Rodriguês ­ Start Pro Tucuruvi
“We used many scenes from the Movie SpiderMan 2. The students liked as they were asking to do something new. They all liked and strived for pronouncing better and better.”
­Henrique Oliveira ­ Start Pro Tucuruvi
“I suggested to the student to, instead of just repeating the phrases, should interpret the scenes. It was very productive, the students loved it and it was interesting because they realized they could interpret.“
­Henrique Oliveira ­ Start Pro Tucuruvi
“Movie Mouth just saved my day today. The students were upset because the class was really early and the weather was cold. At the begning they were a little quiet/shy, but they got in the mod really fast and the at the end they were competing against each other.”
­Aline Rodriguês­ Start Pro Tucuruvi
“The class adapted well to the solution, they thought it was very interesting to see English been used in everyday situations. They also realized that is very easy to translate frases just but getting the main idea of each frase.”
­Aline Rodriguês ­ Start Pro Tucuruvi
“The students liked using the movie 007 ­ Skyfall. They could notice the different accent on the British English in frases with ‘Can­Can’t’ where the accent is more evident.”
­Aline Rodriguês ­ Start Pro Tucuruvi
“The use of Movie mouth in classroom is very important for the students development. It’s an usuful tool where the students can see the English been used for real, not just in class. I use the software whatever I can sa the students like it and become much more engaged.”
­Filipe Vasconcelos ­ People Eloy
“In everytime I used the software, always got a good response from the students. Many times during classes they would get very excited, getting right answers for the exercises and pronuncing words just ike the movie characters.”
­Filipe Vasconcelos ­ People Eloy
“I believe the software will help be more and more helpfull to teachers in class, especially in developing the students listening hability and I believe that this will challenge them to study even more.”
­Filipe Vasconcelos ­ People Eloy
“I used with my students and was very productive, made a hard activity to use parts of the movie."
‐Amanda Menezes‐ StartPro Guarulhos
"My students have enjoyed a lot. In the next lesson the contest, my office used phrases they had heard in the film to ask who used again, I realized that the diction of my students began to improve because they try to imitate the characters."
‐Fernanda Chagas ‐ StartPro São Vicente
"Students have been asking enough and say it's a nicer way to learn English."
‐Fernanda Chagas ‐ StartPro São Vicente
"The class schedule is over and the students did not want to leave, this is an example of the experiences that I had to use the Movie Mouth. Students like to explore the film and feel involved in the activities. "
‐Roger Souza – People Eloy
"All students with whom I used the Movie Mouth enjoyed the experience, including some show interest in purchasing the software. It is also one way to make the shy students to participate more in class. "
‐Roger Souza – People Eloy
"I used with my class and likes them a lot, let alone that helped with relation to the subject of the class. They got enough vocabulary. "
‐Luara ‐ StartPro Guarulhos
"I used to M.I.M. this week and the response was very positive student. They loved the way the solution addresses the grammar and were impressed with the existing exercises in the solution, I asked if it was some little game. Anyway, I could hone their skills in a different way than it had already done so far "
‐Nathalya ‐ Start Pro Guarulhos
"This was the class that best supports the software so far. They called 'Third World War'. Because everyone wanted to use at the same time. "
‐Aline Rodrigues‐Start Pro‐ Tucuruvi
"The gang liked the dynamic of the class. And as I was using to explain the difference between present simple and verb to be. One by one they came to the front to solve an exercise and who errasse should dance a song in front of the whole room. Everyone did and enjoyed it. "
‐Aline Rodriguês‐ StartPro Tucuruvi
"The students are loving it. The to do several competitions and they love the competitiveness. And this helping to motivate students who were not very excited. "
‐Henrique Oliveira‐ StartPro‐ Tucuruvi
"This time, I asked a student to sit at my desk and pick a few sentences to pronounce. Then I asked for the other students had hit the girl, who thought she had missed had to prove why and pronounce correctly. The gang liked. "
‐Henrique Oliveira ‐ Start Pro Tucuruvi
"All my students want to use and laughed mostly quite slow in sentences, they liked to be able to translate because of the class Simple Present they had before the dynamic."
‐Aline Rodriguês ‐ Start Pro Tucuruvi
"The gang liked the program and how it was used to review test content they realized how simple it is to translate film clips and how the material fit in excerpts. The students were very interested, and some even asked if they could have the software at home. "
‐Aline Rodriguês ‐ Tucuruvi
"I joined the courses and passed an activity to do together. They had to choose one member of the group chosen to pronounce the sentences and who errasse had to pay a monkey. Everyone liked the activity and suggested to do it again. "
‐Henrique Oliveira ‐ Start Pro Tucuruvi
I have never taught using Movie Mouth in my classes. But on friday, I have an extra class and I passed for my students ! They loved it !
­Natalya Albertino­ Start pro Ipiranga
"I really enjoyed the Movie Mouth and I'm putting together a schedule for acrescentalo my classes."
­Natalya Albertino ­ Start Pro ­ Ipiranga
"I had already discussed with the representative Alex about the program, it is very intelligent and can be very helpful to students."
­Sarah Mariano ­ Start Pro ­ Ipiranga
"I used the software and the students loved, for now only used by teenagers, but have students kids too and I use them, it is good to have several films, because we have different age range and the language has to be different for each . "
­Priscila Rocha ­ Start Pro ­ Suzano
"So everything is working very well with Movie Mouth, students are enjoying it and keep asking for them to have to use at home, they said until came to watch the movies you like and pay much more attention to the grammar of the lines of each character and has been very gratifying to see them so excited about learning that the solution has provided to them. "
­Debora Mori ­ Start Pro ­ Jundiai
"The Movie Mouth I used for personal use only and enjoyed by understanding and extensive vocabulary that we can have, besides the very pronounced."
­Jonathan Reis­ StartPro Suzano
"Students are enjoying it and keep asking for them to have to use at home, they said until came to watch the movies you like and pay much more attention to the grammatical part of speech of each character and has been very rewarding to see them so excited about learning that the solution has provided to them."
­Débora Mori ­ StartPro Jundiaí
"The class with the students using the software was so much fun, they love when you have new in class and especially when it is something that can be turned into competition."
­ Isabela ­ Start Pro ­ Tucuruvi
“Dividi a turma em duas equipes e usei os temas que já havia explicado previamente em aulas. Os exercicios ajudaram os alunos a perceberem que inglês não é tão dificil, pode ser aplicado no cotidiano e aprendido de uma forma divertida.”
­Isabela ­ Start Pro ­ Tucuruvi
"The students asked more classes with the software even if it was just for them to repeat parts of the film, since it helps in the art or help acquire vocabulary than those seen in class."
­Isabela ­ Start Pro ­ Tucuruvi
"Movie Mouth used the solution in a conversation class and the student loved it! At first she found it a little tricky but within minutes she has picked up the practice. "
­Isabela ­ Start Pro ­ Tucuruvi
"The program helps a lot in class, since the student had too much trouble to train the pronunciation and how to apply English in everyday life"
­Isabela ­ Start Pro ­ Tucuruvi
"The Movie Mouth is a unique program that stimulates a legal way to study English. We can use this idea to improve our learning in relation to specific matters in accordance with the level of our knowledge. Besides all very interesting and easy to use, which facilitates further learning. "
Aluna da Isabela ­ Start Pro ­ Tucuruvi
"I used the Movie Mouth with two groups together so that they compete against each other with the exercises of the solution. It was pretty fun. The solution helps to show that it is possible to learn English with games and fun. "
­Isabela ­ Start Pro ­ Tucuruvi
"I used the Movie Mouth with my Vip student and he loved it because he saw how the English he learned in the classroom can be applied in everyday life without much change the routine. If only changing the film voiced by subtitled and try to get used to the language. "
­Isabela ­ Start Pro ­ Tucuruvi
"It was really cool because I could use the program to show more examples of both situations that usually occur with different accents of the same word or phrase."
­Isabela ­ Start Pro ­ Tucuruvi
"As the student demonstrated difficulties when mounting their own sentences, I found interesting use Movie Mouth to see if it was really hard on how to organize the words or if it was some difficulty related to questions that remain over learning. With the program could realize that he can better understand the words when you see them written than in writing exercises. "
­Isabela ­ Start Pro ­ Tucuruvi
"I used with my students and is working very well, they loved. I am attaching the Movie Mouth to schedule my classes, I use more my students."
­Lucas Miranda ­ StartPro Guarulhos
"Yarima said he spent a sheet for students to sign with the presence and liked or not liked and why," just got good feedback. "
­Yarima Pio­ Start Pro ­ São Vicente
"On the solution, lately I've been using streaming movies and were very show! Ease of use movies as well is amazing! So it was very good, facilitated my life! "
­Aline Rodriguês ­ Start Pro Tucuruvi
"The software helps in the handout. It is better to study at home. "
­Bruno Pereira ­ Student Start Pro Suzano
"Hello good afternoon. I could now install the Program on my computer. Thank you for understanding that you have for us a hug. "
­Evelyn Soares ­ Student Start Pro Guarulhos

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Movie Mouth: The Smart Choice For Your School

Exercises and practice
We offer a wide range of exercises in which the students practice while watching their favorite movies.
We customize the methodology of our client into the platform to simplify the use for teachers and students.
Follow-up reports
We have an exclusive follow-up report of progress of the students and teachers.
We offer training to school's staff:
and IT staff.
We keep a dedicated consultant at your school unit.
Online support
We have an online support team.


We give you a fun and effective technological tool to speed the learning and reach fluency through exercises in a gamefied environment.
Performance and progress reports show the level and number of exercises taken, letting you know the trition trend beforehand, due to the decrease in their usage pattern.
Support by motivational campaigns to increase learning activities in the tool.
Support of our consulting team to train, teach, engage and discuss the progress of corrective and motivational actions.


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